How To Get Rid Of A Stye Overnight?

How To Get Rid Of A Stye Overnight?

Whenever you see a small red lump appearing on the edge of your eyelid, you should know that it’s a stye. The condition is caused by clogging of the glands or infestation of a bacterium called staphylococcal. The bacteria resides harmlessly and doesn’t cause any problem – until it increases in quantity and starts accumulating at the base of your eyelashes.

How To Get Rid Of A Stye Overnight?

The red bump is both painful and irritating. The good news, however, is that the condition doesn’t last for very long. As soon as the lump raptures and the pus drains out, the symptoms start vanishing. The condition is not very severe and goes away with certain home remedial measures. It’s only when it persists for more than a week that the individual may require medical attention.

When we talk about getting rid of styes overnight, most of you may be considering it to be a hoax. But, in reality, styes are pretty simple to treat. A little precautionary measures and care taken at home can help you get rid of it. Overnight in this context means during the course of the night, and getting rid of stye during this period is very much possible.

If you are wondering how, then you should follow the tips below:

1. Warm compression

You can use a washcloth or a teabag to reduce soreness and swelling of the stye. Applying warm compression three to four times a day for a few days facilitates the rupturing of the lump and oozing out of the pus. Once the lump raptures, it doesn’t take long for it to heal.

2. Guava leaves

If you haven’t heard of the remedial benefits of guava leaves, then you should try using it to treat stye. Heat a few guava leaves and place them on a damp cloth. Place the cloth on your stye, applying very gentle pressure. This is a great way to reduce irritation and pain in the eye.

3. Potatoes

If you think potatoes are just a good ingredient for evening snacks, then perhaps you are wrong. It’s one of the easiest ways to cure stye because it is readily available. Make a paste out of a potato, place it on a piece of cloth, and dab it on the stye. You will see a considerable reduction in swelling.

4. Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are extremely useful in treating stye because they reduce pain and swelling in a short period of time. Using them for the treatment is also very simple; soak some seeds in water for about two hours, squeeze them, and use the water to clean your eyelids. After cleaning, rinse it with clean water. Repeating this process several times surely improves the condition.

5. Topical creams and eyedrops

Last but certainly not the least, you might have to keep aside the aforementioned home remedies and use an antibacterial ointment to treat your stye. Medications, however, come into the picture when the infection has spread and the pain is only increasing. You can visit a chemist for an over-the-counter medicine, but it’s recommended you consult a professional before self-medicating yourself.

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